Jesus said “Go into all the world”
How do we do that?

We desire to equip churches to help reach the lost in their community. We do this by running a series of training events designed and tailored to fit the needs of the local church.


Courses We Offer

“Encounter God, Encounter People”

This is a three hour day which allows space for attendees to encounter God and then see God move in people’s lives through them. Encounter days consist of four sessions:

  • Encounter Session – We start the day with a time of worship and ministry. We desire to be directed by the Holy Spirit in this session, ministering into what we believe the Holy Spirit is saying to equip and resource the people.
  • Training Session – In this session we teach simple Biblical principles on why we should preach the Gospel, and we explain what the Gospel is. We then give simple and practical tips on how to approach people in the street, how to enter into a conversation and how to lead someone to Christ.
  • Encounter People – This is an opportunity for all people to go out onto the streets and put into practise what has been learned in the previous sessions. It’s a time to encounter people and see God move through the attendees into other people’s lives. Many people are nervous about this session, but don’t be alarmed! This is the purpose of the encounter God session to allow Him to minister into our hearts and alleviate the fear. It is always incredible to see God move through the attendees and watch God use them lightly.
  • Testimonies – We finish the day with a time of testimony. This encourages the believers to hear what God has been doing. It’s often in this time, that attendees begin to realise how exciting evangelism is!

Benefits of attending encounter days:

  • Attendees will leave seeing how easy evangelism is, and leave feeling equipped and resourced to share the love of God with other people
  • Attendees will have gone onto the streets to do evangelism
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance as a reminder, that God can use them and they have been used in evangelism
  • Attendees will receive a resource pack with resources to help continue to equip them in their evangelistic activities

For more enquiries or to book an encounter day, please fill out the form below.

Everyone has a sphere of influence. That may be school, college, university, work, family, friends and even the cashier at the local supermarket. How do we reach those people? How do we live our lives in such a way to reach these people?

In the Go and Grow evangelism seminar we talk practically about how we can reach out to those in our spheres of influence, and how we can live our lives as disciples of Jesus, to be a strong influence in those areas.

Other evening workshops we can offer include:

  • What is the Gospel?
  • How to share your testimony
  • How to move from maintenance to mission

Have you always wanted to go onto the streets and see God’s hands active in your life? One on One training is an opportunity to come out onto the streets with Josh for two hours (or over a period of weeks). By the end of your time together you will be equipped to share Jesus effectively. If you are interested, simply contact us on the form below and request a meeting.

Ask the Evangelist is a video series and an opportunity for you to send in your questions about evangelism.

Ask the Evangelist is a ministry launched by Ten:Two Trust to assist in their vision to help equip the Church to share the Gospel. The idea came from a time when Josh (International Director of Ten:Two Trust) was in a meeting with many other evangelists. He thought to himself, “When do we get the chance to sit with other evangelists and listen to their wisdom and ask questions on evangelism?”. Having been with Dr Tony Stone for many years he was able to sit with him and ask his own questions, but what about everyone else?

After praying about the idea, Josh felt it was right to go ahead and press on. It is an opportunity for anyone to send in a question on evangelism and hear what experienced evangelists have to say on their questions. Josh has worked closely with Dr Tony Stone for over five years, and Dr Stone is still involved in Ten:Two Trust. With nearly sixty years of ministry, Dr Stone was the perfect choice to answer the questions when filming started.

If you would like to ask the evangelist click >here.



Visit our YouTube series giving tips on evangelism.  All videos are short and one minute long written to give you as much information in a short time as possible.

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